What is Google Breakfast Briefings Dublin

Google Breakfast Briefings Dublin takes place on the first Friday of each month. They are held in The Foundry and are a free 1 hour talk. Access to the talks is by advance online signup.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, I have not been paid or asked to write about this event. The featured photo is my own, which I took at the event.

On Friday 2 June I managed to get myself into Dublin city centre and to the Google building for 7.30 am. After collecting my visitor badge / ticket I went up the stairs to the pre-talk breakfast. First things first, coffee, this is far too early for my brain to function.

As this was my first time here I did not know what to expect. The breakfast is a continental style breakfast, plenty of pastries, fruit, fruit juice, tea and coffee.

Between 7.30 am and 8 am people just stand around and chat. It is supposed to be a networking opportunity. Most people seemed either stick to people they know or stay on their own. A good few people seem to be working, on phones and laptops.

Google Breakfast Briefings Dublin

At 8am a bell rings and we are ushered into the auditorium. I take a seat about half way down and prepare to take notes. When I look around very few people look like they will take notes. Its just automatic to me now after the last 3 years of college to take notes.

The first person on the stage was Marie Davis, The Head of Google Marketing Solutions for Ireland. She gave a brief introduction and then the talk begins.

This morning’s speaker was Robin Bass, Audience Specialist Performance X Team. The topic of this morning’s talk was Into to Audience Advertising.

I have put the full YouTube video of the talk at the end. Here is an overview of what was covered.

  1. Why Audience
  2. What Google Audience Suite Offers
  3. Product Demo
  4. Campaign Structure and Bidding
  5. Q and A

The great thing about this talk is that he not just showed screen shots and graphs but he walked through an actual demonstration.  The example walk through started with a customer asking a question and how using Google Audience Suite, advertisers can best solve this customer problem.

There are some great facts and figures in this talk. For example did you know that 46% of users leave a website without converting?

Once the talk ended, there was a chance for people to ask questions.  When the talk ended, everyone filed back out of the auditorium.  The staff had cleared away the breakfast but they ad opened the shop. Curious to see what was on sale, I had a wander over. They had various Google branded items, bags, t-shirts’, hoodies, notebooks, pens etc.

It was about 9.30 am when I eventually left The Foundry building. It was an interesting morning and I did learn a lot.

Heres the video, which I really recommend you watch