Flyefit Gym on South Circular Road, in the old Garda Club. Opening Monday 25 July 2016.
This is my review of the new gym.

This is a sponsored post. There was an invite on a bloggers Facebook group for bloggers to go to a preview of Flyefit Gym, and in exchange for a free membership , we were asked to write a blog post and post on social media.

A bit of a backstory

Since I have been back in Ireland and due to a lot of things going on in my life, my weight somehow just went up and up. Over the last few years I have tried a few gyms, but I never really felt comfortable going. I always just felt the eyes on me as I walked in. The gyms were big open plan spaces, and it can be very intimidating, all that big open space, the mirrors on the walls, the groups of gym buddys trying to outdo each other.  I would go for a few months, feel great that I could start to see results, that my clothes were fitting better but then the motivation would go. A lot of it was due to the location of the gym, which while near me, was not convenient to go to after work.

For the last few months now I have been watching a building near where I work being renovated. The old Garda Club on the South Circular Road, on my bus route into town after work was getting a new lease of life.

Then last week in a bloggers Facebook group, I saw a message posted, inviting bloggers to a preview evening of the gym. Flyefit Gym are opening on Monday July 25 and were inviting bloggers to preview the gym.

Well here is my chance. A much better location, easy to get to after work, maybe this time I will stick to going. See my goal is to drop 1 maybe 2 clothes sizes and get back to the size jeans I was wearing before I came back to Ireland.

So off I go on a Sunday afternoon. As I walk up South Circular Road, the first thing I notice is how easy and accessible the gym is. Its located right beside 2 bus stops, almost opposite Harrington Street Church.  For those who use the Green Line Luas, Harcout Street Station is really close by, you can almost see the trams up the road from the gym.

The cleaners are still using a pressure washer to clean down the front area, no matter I join the line of people at the entrance. We are warned by the painters to watch the walls, oops ok, make sure not to do that.

We are then handed these little blue shoe covers and a goodie bag, more about that later, and then put our contact details on a list.

After that we just wander about and have a good nosey. After the entrance area is the big open space which used to be the dance-hall. This is filled with the weight lifting equipment.

They also have some cool graphics on the walls, a great way to connect the history of the building with its new purpose. The whole place has this new smell and everywhere I see the workmen, doing the last minute jobs and cleaning the floors etc.

I have a chat to Jackie the owner and get a little tour. Off we go to the upstairs part of the gym. Its great to see the old rooms of the building being used. The character of the place is kept intact with the front upstairs part with the small rooms being used for the cardio machines, treadmills and cross trainers.

I then join another group being shown around by Doug, and we go downstairs. This is where the changing rooms are and some more equipment rooms.

The ladies changing rooms are quiet spacious, with lots of lockers. There are benches in the centre and over at the back the showers and toilets. One thing many may not have noticed though is that you need to bring your own lock for the lockers.

I just love the randomess of the building, how the different rooms have been put together. For those who sometimes may feel a bit self-conscious going to a gym, then defiantly give this a try.  I can’t wait to get into a gym routine again, and finally be able to wear that stack of clothes hidden in my wardrobe.

Oh and the goodie bag, great way to start my new gym routine. I was actually looking at those drinks bottles at Womans World event in the RDS back in June.

Flyefit in South Circular Road is a 24 hour gym, but the changing rooms close around 10pm for security reasons. For more information see their website