5 Reasons Why You Lose Twitter Followers

and How You Can Change It

Ok so getting Twitter followers is the aim of the game. The more followers you have, the more people see your tweets, the more your brand gets out there which leads to potential customers and sales.

We all love to see our Twitter Followers go up and up, but then annoyingly, the numbers start dropping and we wonder why people are leaving.  Here are my top five reasons people might be clicking the unfollow button and what you can do about it

  1. Sending an Automated Direct Message to new followers

    Example Happy To Connect Please Like My Facebook Page …..  Via Crowdfire.
    This is one of the worst Twitter no no’s and will almost always guarantee you a swift unfollow.  Instead of sending an impersonal automatic Direct Message, thank the person in a public tweet which mentions their Twitter Handle. 

    I do it once a week, I take a few minutes to go back through my new followers and send them a Thank You tweet in real time.  It means a lot more to people and shows that you are interested in connecting with your followers

  2. Linking your Twitter and Facebook accounts

    Example New product now in our shop, check it out fb.me.8899n.
    Facebook and Twitter are two totally different platforms and have two totally different audiences. The language and style of posting is different and what works on one, does not necessarily work on the other.  Also it shows that you have no interest in your Twitter followers.  Unlink your accounts and create original posts tailored for the different audiences.

  3. Posting only promotional posts.

    Twitter is a Social media first and foremost.  Yes we all use it for marketing and selling our products and services but only posting to sell will lose you followers. People buy from people; your customers want to see your personality, which shows you are interested and care about them.  In general you should be following the 80/20 rule – 80% topical, things your customers would be interested in, chat with your followers etc. and 20% promotional posts.

  4. Not responding to Mentions or Direct Messages.

    Twitter is all about having that personal connection with your customers. Ignoring your customers or potential customers when they make a product or service inquiry or have an issue or problem with a product or service will lose you followers.  Twitter needs to be monitored on a regular basis, just the same as you would monitor your email account.

  5. Automated Tweets about your weekly stats

    Example This week I gained 5 new followers… checked Via Sumall
    No one really wants to know or cares about your Stats, it’s basically just a vanity tweet, showing off, oh look at me I am great.Checking your stats and analytics is important but turn off the automation

So there you have it, my top Twitter tips. Be social, talk and engage with your followers, have a personality, Tweet in real time and most important stop using automated Tweets and Direct messages.

If you need help managing your Twitter account, contact me for more information.